Monday, December 2, 2013

New Zealand in Vermont

Jo and I returned last night from a trip to Vermont to visit our New Zealand friends:  Bruce, Lisa, Em, and Lizzy.  We last saw them a few years ago while they were living in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Lisa and I met at a conference in that city a couple years earlier, became fast friends, and have stayed in touch ever since.

We had such a wonderful time!  After a day of shopping and sightseeing, including a visit to a cemetery in Barre with stunningly odd monuments,

we relaxed, chatted, and warmed up over hot chocolates, cappuccinos, and lattes at a cafe in Bristol.

Jo, Lisa, Em, Lizzy, Bruce

Afterward we had dinner--Lisa is a terrific cook--and were introduced to Pavlova, which I thought was the name of the cleaning lady there but learned is a delicious dessert that is a Kiwi original (regardless of what the Aussies say).

We were delightfully cared for and entertained, especially by the girls.  Em charmed us with her adult manners and acquired American accent, and Lizzy had us laughing with her sly sense of humor. They are also talented:  Lizzy played the piano for us, and they both showed us self-portraits.

Thanks to this gracious and warm family for making us feel so welcome.  We can hardly wait to see you again--let's hope it doesn't take so long.